Viscando AB

Computer Vision and Machine Learning with a purpose

Viscando is founded on a strong belief that Computer Vision and Machine Learning have the power to transform the way we perceive the world, to assist us in our work, and to guide us in our daily life. Viscando is working at the forefront for bringing these changes into the world and applying this great technology to increase the competitiveness of our customers and to benefit the society as a whole.

We base our innovative research and development on the technology we have developed in-house. Our amazing team of researchers and programmers keeps on extending and improving our platform to serve more customer needs, and to do it faster and more reliably. Whatever we do, we always look at the bigger picture ”customer – personnel – company – society”.

The flexibility of our platform is evident in successful applications of our technology in wide ranging fields, e.g. automatic traffic monitoring and traffic safety assessment, tracking of trees for a responsible forest management, passenger counting in public transport, improving the image quality in professional high-end cameras … Let us help you to give your products the ability to sense and react intelligently!

Working at Viscando means to look beyond the obvious and to make it usable and understandable for everybody!

Do you have passion for Computer Vision and/or Machine Learning? Do you see challenges as a natural way to get ahead? We invite you to join us to innovate and improve!