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The coming SSDL/SSBA symposiums will be held 13-15 March 2023 at Vildmarkshotellet, more details will be posted as soon as they become available.

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Internat 2022

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Tid: 5-6 december, lunch-till-lunchPlats: Clarion Sense, LuleåMålet med internatet är att ta fram planer för att stärka våra identifierade intresseområden: utbildning, industri och forskning. Temat för…

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Qualcomm is an American multinational corporation known for their creation of semiconductors, software, and services related to wireless technology. We belong to the Automotive branch who…

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Irisity develops video analytics software for camera-based security systems with great respect for personal integrity and privacy. Our focus is on detecting suspicious activity rather than…

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This year's SSDL and SSBA symposia will be held online as back-to-back events. SSDL/SSBA 2022 thereby marks the continuation of a 39-year-old tradition of gathering researchers…

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ICPR 2022

ICPR 2022 is the flagship conference of IAPR, the association of which SSBA is the Swedish chapter. Professionals working in computer vision, image, sound, speech, pattern…

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Synteda AB

Synteda AB assist companies to embrace the era of artificial intelligence and Computer Vision effectively and take advantage of its vast possibilities by delivering innovative solutions.…

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This year's SSDL and SSBA symposia will be held online as back-to-back events. They replace SSDL/SSBA 2020, which had to be cancelled due to the pandemic.…

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Kallelse till SSBAs årsmöte 2021

Föreningens årsmöte äger rum i samband med årets symposium, tisdag 16/3, 17:15-18:15 via zoom Handlingar: Dagordning Verksamhetsberättelse 2020 Emaila motioner till

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Vricon — owned by Saab and MAXAR (formerly DigitalGlobe) and headquartered in McLean, Virginia, with the R&D center in Linköping, Sweden — opened in 2015 and…

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kallelse till SSBA årsmöte 2020

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Härmed kallas föreningens medlemmar till årsmöte den 17/3, kl 17-18, 2020 via zoom: Mötesagenda och verksamhetsberättelse: DagordningSSBAårsmöte2020 VerksamhetsberättelseSSBA2019 Skicka motioner till ssba AT

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