Irisity develops video analytics software for camera-based security systems with great respect for personal integrity and privacy. Our focus is on detecting suspicious activity rather than exposing personal identity. Our system is used for increased security by protecting assets and people, never for registering the whereabouts of innocent individuals.

The core feature of our system is the high-accuracy detection of human activity across any camera type, even at long distances or poor video quality. On top of that, we are developing more and more refined analytics for better distinguishing between accepted behavior and suspicious events. We use a combination of classical algorithms and deep learning to achieve an excellent trade-off between accuracy, computational performance and low hardware requirements. Our software is packaged into a complete software-as-a-service platform with global customers, connecting thousands of cameras for security sites and partners across the globe. We provide on-premise or completely cloud-hosted solutions depending on customer data protection requirements, with simple user interfaces for the management and monitoring of large-scale operations.

Other system features include algorithms for complete anonymization of any detected individuals. This way, our customers can react quickly when something happens, while making sure that no individual can be identified. This enables our system to be installed even in sensitive environments, such as schools or pre-schools.

We believe in collaboration and community, so our vision team also takes on other external projects, involving everything from automated waste sorting to autonomous drive, building on our in-house deep learning pipeline or developing completely customer-tailored solutions.