Synteda AB

Synteda AB assist companies to embrace the era of artificial intelligence and Computer Vision effectively and take advantage of its vast possibilities by delivering innovative solutions. We understand how Computer Vision and AI can benefit the society. We stand ready to use our expertise to facilitate businesses in their journey into the era of AI. We work with several clients with various industry fields in close collaboration with top universities in Sweden.

Synteda is actively working on several unique products and solutions in various fields. Dream-innovate-create is our work process were our ideas go through different stages. We create successful solutions by checking feasibility of our product idea (POC) and develop our solution working with agile methodologies until we reach a complete full-scale product.

We have launched various platform solutions utilizing several cutting-edge technologies. Be-metrics is one of the platforms with focus on people behaviour. The solution was created from scratch by our skilled engineers for detection and tracking of foot traffic using various sensors.

We have developed HiveMind the future tool that will allow augmented automatic testing. This tool records data and learn from human interactions during test sessions. It analyzes the test data providing the user with new and better ways to perform tests.

We have also created Hotego an easy-to-use application and system based on AI that allows users to effortlessly request any service with just one tap from the comfort of their rooms or visiting local landmarks. The application gives insights about guest’s preferences that helps to optimize campaigns and events based on statistics.

Synteda has a core team of highly qualified experts that provide assessment to identify challenges and explore different ideas to enhance effectiveness and develop specific algorithms to overcome company challenges. Synteda is built on ethical awareness, curiosity, transparency, respect, participation and last but not least science.

We have offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Cracow. Synteda has grown rapidly with more than 20 team members.

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