Visionists ny företagsmedlem

Visionists is a young, small but expanding computer vision consulting company based in Göteborg. We offer a full range of services within computer vision systems development, targeting any customer need in any application area of computer vision and image analysis.

We provide everything from simple staffing of software developers to in-house contract development of complete vision components or systems. We perform literature studies and market enquiries, and provide guidance for hardware selection and software design decisions. Most of all, we develop state-of-the-art algorithms building on current research when common off-the-shelf solutions are not sufficient. We cooperate with leading researchers within the field, and aim to turn the latest research results into production-quality solutions.

We have no end-user products of our own, but instead support product-developing companies in different application domains. This makes sure that we never compete with our customers. This also gives us a strong focus on the core vision technology, and gives synergies when similar algorithms can be used for different applications. After all, a robust segmentation algorithm for medical image analysis is not that different from a robust segmentation algorithm for industrial inspection.

Our vision is to become the primary choice for computer vision software services on the west coast, as well as the primary career choice for the most qualified engineers and researchers looking for an industrial career in this region. If you are one of them, please contact us and help us grow!