Image Systems Motion Analysis

Image Systems Motion Analysis offers accurate and valuable measuring results – fast. Our software is used in hundreds of different applications where the motion, orientation or shape of an object is subject of  measurement and analysis.

What happens when a car crashes? What is the orientation of a bullet the instant before impact? How can a sport athlete optimize certain ways of moving to gain better results? How can the aerodynamics of a golf ball be improved?

These are just a few examples of questions that can be answered when using TEMA and TrackEye from Image Systems Motion Analysis. The TEMA software platform provides a range of user friendly, high-speed motion analysis solutions. The TEMA Automotive product line is the world’s leading solution for advanced motion analysis in automotive crash testing whilst TEMA Motion is used for advanced motion analysis of industrial test and design applications. Its accurate tracking algorithms, advanced motion analysis and excellent presentation tools are crucial for delivering the highest quality test results. TrackEye provides image analysis solutions for the military reconnaissance and testing markets all around the world.

Image Systems Motion Analysis is one of two business units within the IMAGESYSTEMS group of companies. TEMA and TrackEye implements a huge amount of advanced image analysis algorithms, and the applications for these are continuously growing. One recent example is DIC, Digital Image Correlation, deriving from the field of material testing, which is fully incorporated into TEMA. Another example is POM, Projectile Orientation Measurement, which is a complete system for determining the orientation of a bullet in flight. The developers and system engineers at Image Systems Motion Analysis are all deeply involved in developing algorithms and implement them into our state-of-the-art products.

Our Head Office is located in the city center of Linköping, and resides both the Research and Development Department and the Product Management & Quality Assurance Department. Image Systems Motion Analysis is a growing team with currently about 22 employees.