Univrses is a 3D Computer Vision and Machine Learning company creating technologies to build the autonomous future. The Company is based in Stockholm, Sweden, but we work with clients in a variety of industries all over the world. We are particularly focused on mobile robotics, smart cities and automotive applications, and our core areas of expertise include 3D Computer Vision and 3D Artificial Intelligence.
We are developing a suite of products to solve complex real-world problems in Computer Vision. The products have been developed by our team of expert scientists and experienced engineers. We call this the 3DAI® Engine. The engine is a series of Computer Vision and Machine Learning components that can be integrated into robotic platforms and autonomous systems. These components enable detailed and accurate analysis of the surrounding environment. We work with data from a variety of sensors, particularly mobile cameras. Our technical focus is in areas like 3D Positioning, 3D Mapping, 3D Localization, Spatial Deep Learning and Sensor Fusion. Today, our Computer Vision and Machine Learning component technologies are amongst the most advanced in the world.
The Company has grown rapidly since it was started in 2015. Today Univrses’ have more than 30 employees from 12 different countries. Our team consists of some of the world’s best scientists and engineers within Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Univrses also collaborates with top universities in Europe and regularly hosts a number of PhD and Master’s candidates at the office in Stockholm. 

For more information, please visit http://univrses.com/ or contact Helene Andersson: helene.andersson@univrses.com, +46 (0) 732 34 57 12