Savantic AB is a consulting firm specialised in image analysis and the adjacent areas of classification, simulations and optimisation. In image analysis, Savantic’s focus is on complex problems that cannot be solved by standard techniques. All employees of Savantic have PhD degrees in physics from different areas and are up to date with the latest research findings, thus being able to offer the customer competitive solutions in the research frontier. As physicists, there is an understanding of the whole process from image acquisition to visualisation which is of absolute essence when looking for solutions to more complex problems in image analysis.

Savantic has developed algorithms for the detection, tracking and classification of moving objects in real time from video images taken with both stationary and non-stationary cameras. The client was in this case FMV (Swedish Defence Materiel Administration). In this project, algorithms were also developed for the determination of the bearing to the objects of interest for the stationary camera. Another client is X-Ray Imatek in Barcelona, Spain. The project goal was to merge a mosaic of X-ray images into one image. The images were acquired with 99 sensors and were 256×256 pixels each. The task for Savantic was to normalise the response from the detectors by studying the small overlap between the images which was created and to correct for other artefacts as well. Carlos Sanchez of X-Ray Imatek summarises the experience of working with Savantic:

“One of the great things about Savantic is that they are not purely software people. In the development group dedicated to our project there were several physics PhDs which made everything a little simpler. They were able to understand the physics behind the X-ray images and whenever we ran into any difficulties they could pin point to possible hardware issues creating such problems. Also, during the development process they proposed several testing mechanisms to try to understand our system better. In essence, this aspect about Savantic was one of the key elements why we chose working with them. After all, software and hardware go hand in hand and you must have a clear understanding of both things if you want your product to be competitive. ”